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  • 木工YABO平台(上海)有限公司的正确使用方法
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  1、 不同规格和用途的YABO平台(上海)有限公司,其设计的刀头角度和基体形式有所不同,尽量按其所对应的场合使用。

  2、 设备的主轴和夹板的尺寸及形位精度对使用效果有很大影响,按装YABO平台(上海)有限公司前要检查和调整。特别对夹板与YABO平台(上海)有限公司接触面影响夹紧力造成位移打滑的因素必须排除。

  3、 随时注意YABO平台(上海)有限公司工作情况,发生异常,如振动、嗓声、加工面走料情况,必须及时停机调整,并及时修磨,保持峰利。

  4、 修磨YABO平台(上海)有限公司不得改变其原来角度,避免刀头局部骤热骤冷,比较好请专业修磨。

  5、 暂时不用之YABO平台(上海)有限公司要垂直吊挂,避免长时间平放,更不应将物堆压其上,刀头处要加以保护,不许碰撞。


In order to give full play to its best performance, the saw blade must be used in strict accordance with the specifications.

1. For saw blades of different specifications and uses, the designed cutter head angle and matrix form are different. Try to use them according to the corresponding occasions.

2. The size and shape and position accuracy of the main shaft and splint of the equipment have a great influence on the use effect. Check and adjust them before installing the saw blade. In particular, the factors that affect the clamping force of the contact surface between the splint and the saw blade and cause displacement slip must be eliminated.

3. Pay attention to the working condition of the saw blade at any time. In case of any abnormality, such as vibration, noise and material feeding on the processing surface, the saw blade must be shut down and adjusted in time, and the saw blade shall be grinded in time to maintain peak profits.

4. It is not allowed to change the original angle of the blade to avoid the sudden heat and cold of the blade. It is better to ask for professional grinding.

5. The temporarily unused saw blade shall be hung vertically to avoid long-term horizontal placement, and the object shall not be piled on it. The blade head shall be protected from collision.

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